Ronen in Trade-Shows
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Want to succeed in transmitting your messages to the public?

If so, Ronen Nachman – Telepathic Marketing, will do the job for you! 
Ronen Nachman, master of telepathy, magic and humor, with an MBA in Business Management and extensive business experience, will amaze, entertain and mesmerize the audience while transmitting marketing messages!

Ronen Nachman will telepathically transmit your messages to your customers!
Ronen Nachman can expertly deliver your marketing messages to your customers and employees. His performances demonstrate abilities of transmitting thoughts, mind-reading, influencing people and objects, intuition and extrasensory perception (ESP), while being very entertaining and effective.
Ronen Nachman conducts sales promotion seminars at conferences, product launches and social business functions. His is also available to appear at your private parties and receptions to be the highlight of any social get-together. Ronen Nachman uses magic and logic riddles for fun-filled activities of creative thinking that are designed to amuse and bring people together.
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For more information & booking call now: 972-52-2528464
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