Close-Up Shows

“WOW, how did he do that?
It happened right before my eyes!”

Close-up shows, around tables and while mingling with the crowd during receptions, are personal shows for small groups, where the unbelievable happens right before their eyes or right in their hands. Ronen Nachman mingles with the guests, even around the tables, making immediate personal connection by entertaining via mind reading bits, bending spoons, stopping watches, moving objects with no touch, card tricks and more. Ronen combines smooth hand tricks, charisma, humor and personal charm, creating attractive and unforgettable events. This type of performance is highly powerful as the unbelievable happens right before the eyes of the audience, leaving them surprised, amazed and enthusiastic.

Close-up events are suitable for receptions, conventions, corporate socializing events, cocktail parties, and toasts as well as for private events such as private home classes, and birthdays for small groups. Ronen can also go around the employees at work and spice up their daily work routine for a holiday or a special occasion.

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