Creative Thinking

Looking to shake everyone up in an amusing, team building atmosphere? If so, book Ronen Nachman for creative thinking activity combining magic and logic riddles!

A unique and amusing activity to break the monotony of our daily routine, it will help to develop creativity, sharpen thought processes, and switch on the right lob of the brain. During the Creative Thinking session the audience is faced with riddles and challenges derived from the world of magic. The process of solving these riddles either as individuals or in pairs is highly amusing and contributes to building team spirit. 
Creative Thinking activities are suitable for managers, marketing and sales personnel, engineers, computer specialists and actually, it suits everyone.

This segment can be booked as a stand-alone activity or as a separate item at a Convention, conference or business gathering. The activity can take place immediately after launch/dinner, as it amusing and is also suitable for social gatherings and private home events as well.

The duration of this activity is approximately 90 minutes, but the length can be adjusted, per your individual requirements.

Contact now for booking and additional information 972-52-2528464
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