Trade Shows / Sales Promotion

Holding an exhibition any time soon? Want bigger crowd at your booth?
Want to succeed in transmitting your marketing messages to the public?
If your answer was positive, Ronen Nachman – master of telepathy magic and humor, will do the job for you. With an MBA in Business Management and extensively rich business experience, Ronen will amaze entertain and move the audience while transmitting marketing messages!
Ronen Nachman will telepathically transmit messages to your customers!
Sales Promotion with magic and telepathy is the efficient way to deliver marketing messages in trade shows. The show attract more crowd to the company’s booth and the messages deliver in such way, the audience remembers the company and its brands, long time after the trade show.
Effective Message – Attractive Delivery!

Advantages in booking Ronen Nachman to present at your booth:

·   Larger crowd attending your booth and is exposed to the company and its messages.
·   Crowd’s presence at the booth for longer interims, absorbing marketing messages.
·   Crowd is more receptive to the messages as they are delivered in an entertaining manner.
·   Crowd participates in discovering the product’s advantages planting the message deeper.
 ·   Some messages are distributed via a card allowing for a continued transmission.
 ·   The crowd is more receptive to your messages resulting more quality leads!
Book Ronen Nachman and increase your trade show ROI !
Can perform in a close-up configuration for small groups at a time as well as in a frontal configuration for large groups, suitable for conferences, product launches, press conferences and organizational celebrations.
Call now to schedule a meeting and demonstration 972-52-2528464
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