Telepathy Stage Shows

Looking for an unforgettable event?

Ronen Nachman’s amazing telepathy show will seamlessly combine the unbelievable with entertainment and amusement. Ronen demonstrates influence over people and objects, transmitting and mind-reading, intuition, extrasensory perception (ESP) and more.
A show suitable for private and corporate events, small events as well as large ones such as business forums, conventions, conferences, social events, business customers’ events, employee committees, private parties, and holiday events as for family, private events; birthday parties for the husband, wife, parents etc.

close-up show where Ronen moves between the tables and the guests in the room, entertaining them wiith telepathy and humor bits right before their eyes, can be combined before or after the main show. In private settings and social events, a lecture can be added after the main show.

Company messages can be incorporated to the show as well as team spirit activities.

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